Cholesterol Check

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Cholesterol Check -
Regular price £37.00
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Is high cholesterol affecting your vitality? Our Cholesterol Check is here to help you take control. This comprehensive test assesses:

  1. Cholesterol: Elevated levels can increase the risk of heart disease, often without noticeable symptoms.
  2. HDL Cholesterol: Low HDL levels are linked to an increased risk of heart disease, while high levels can have a protective effect.
  3. HDL% of Total: A higher percentage of HDL to total cholesterol is often associated with improved heart health.
  4. LDL Cholesterol: Elevated LDL levels may contribute to artery-clogging plaques.
  5. Non-HDL Cholesterol: A strong indicator of heart disease risk, especially when high.
  6. Triglycerides: High triglyceride levels can increase your risk of heart disease and other health issues.

Don't wait for symptoms to appear. Our Cholesterol Check is your proactive step toward better health.

What's included?

• Cholesterol
• HDL Cholesterol
• HDL% of total
• LDL Cholesterol
• Non HDL Cholesterol 
• Triglycerides