Erectile Dysfunction Profile

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Erectile Dysfunction Profile -
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Delve into potential factors behind erectile dysfunction (ED), such as low testosterone, elevated cholesterol levels, and diabetes. Are you facing challenges in achieving and maintaining an erection? It's possible that you've noticed a decrease in your sex drive and suspect hormonal factors may be at play. Alternatively, you might be concerned about how your lifestyle choices could be influencing your sexual well-being.

Our Erectile Dysfunction (ED) blood test uncovers various underlying health conditions that might be associated with your symptoms, offering you the opportunity to explore treatment options if necessary.

• Lipid Profile
• Free Androgen Index
• Free Testosterone
• Free Thyroxine (FT4)
• Thyroid Stimulating hormone
• Prolactin
• Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
• Total Testosterone
• HbA1c