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Iron Profile -
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Is fatigue, weakness, or pale skin slowing you down? It could be an iron deficiency, a condition often overlooked. Our Iron Profile Test is your key to unlocking the answers you need. This comprehensive test includes:

  1. Ferritin: A low ferritin level can indicate depleted iron stores, which may lead to fatigue and weakness.
  2. Iron: Measure of the iron in your blood. Low levels can result in anaemia, manifesting as exhaustion and pale skin.
  3. Total Iron Binding Capacity: Evaluates your body's ability to transport iron. High levels may point to iron-deficiency anaemia.
  4. Transferrin Saturation: Checks how much iron is bound to transferrin, a protein carrying iron. Low saturation can be a sign of anaemia.
  5. Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity: Reflects the available transferrin for transporting iron. An increase may suggest iron deficiency.

Don't let iron deficiency symptoms hold you back. 

What's included?

• Ferritin
• Iron
• Total Iron Binding Capacity
• Transferrin Saturation
• Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity