Well Man Check

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Well Man Check - Bookabloodtest.com
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Are you seeking a thorough health evaluation that empowers you to take charge of your well-being and address potential health concerns in a proactive manner?

Our all-encompassing blood test tailored for men provides a swift and hassle-free means to obtain your yearly health assessment. It not only establishes your health baseline but also offers the ability to monitor your progress over time and conquer your health objectives. This comprehensive test covers critical aspects such as liver and kidney functionality, cholesterol profile, nutritional indicators, hormone levels, and an assessment of your susceptibility to conditions like gout and diabetes. With this, you'll gain a holistic perspective of your overall health status and the tools to achieve your health aspirations.

What's included?

• Iron Profile
• Kidney Function Profile
• Lipid Profile
• Liver Function Profile
• Thyroid Function Profile (Basic)
• Vitamin Profile
• C Reactive Protein
• Creatine Kinase
• Magnesium
• Testosterone
• Uric Acid
• HbA1c
• Full Blood Count