Testosterone Replacement Therapy Test

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Test - Bookabloodtest.com
Regular price £145.00
Regular price Sale price £145.00

Gain an in-depth assessment of your hormonal balance, liver and kidney performance, blood health, and prostate condition, especially if you're currently using or contemplating testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Are you on a TRT journey and wish to track your health progress? Maybe you're on the verge of embarking on TRT and seek an evaluation of your liver, kidney, and prostate well-being.

Our advanced TRT panel empowers you to continuously monitor your testosterone levels while evaluating the potential side effects associated with your treatment. It's your comprehensive toolkit for ensuring your wellbeing before or during TRT.

What's included?

• Liver Function Profile
• DHEA Sulphate
• Free Testosterone
• Prolactin
• Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
• Testosterone
• PSA Test
• Oestradiol
• Full Blood Count